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Interaction Design Ideas (IxDEAS) - Independent Design Practice
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What I do

Mind maps, Workflow diagrams and a lot of Sticky notes help bring together shared information environments, set the application context, create hierarchies, label and define multiple user roles/access levels.

Wireframes &
Interaction Design
A strong foundation is vital to build a great experience. Wireframes allow quick explorations and iterations to create interactions and layouts while facilitating usability and efficiency. Crisp and clear wireframes provides a sizable advantage in creating efficient database designs and algorithms.

Visual Design &
Colour, texture, typography, iconography, space and negative space, alongside other visual design elements, are the building blocks of a great product. Visual design engages users and helps create a memorable experience without compromising on functionality.
Selected Work
A native dialer developed for a Canadian IT giant that allows service providers to customize and integrate this application as part of a handset.
birds-01 copy
Designed as an educational tool, this app allows users to identity birds by their calls or searching by physical attributes such as size and color.