A new Digital experience for community healthcare

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Swasti designs, delivers and supports solutions for the health and wellbeing of the poor. Swasti was envisioned as an organisation to transform the lives of the marginalised communities by ensuring their access to quality healthcare.

The New Experience

Swasti’s new digital experience was the outcome of mapping user journeys, conducting photoshoots, content generation and multiple reviews by stakeholders.

Social Sector Employees, Corporates looking to fund projects, International Organisations looking to partner are some of the diverse audiences that access Swasti’s website. Creating a structure that ensures easy navigation and quick access to relevant content while communicating through visuals where possible, was the primary goal of the re-design.

Swasti’s new visual language and style was documented and systemised to ensure easy/simple and consistent application across all mediums. This manual was distributed internally and to vendors/partners to reflect the Brand and its values in a uniform manner.

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