Advancing Justice & Equality: Designing an Engaging Digital Presence

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iProbono – a London based charitably organisation – brings together the legal expertise of its carefully curated community of panel and network lawyers, ground-level insights of its grassroots partners, and the ethos of social action litigation to advance justice and equality in India.

iProbono focuses its efforts on child rights, housing justice, and strengthening civil society.

The Design Journey

I was first approached by iProbono in 2013 to design their website. At that time, they were a new organisation and needed a website that could effectively communicate their mission and showcase their work.

In 2017, I was asked to redesign and redevelop the iProbono website to keep it relevant and engaging for their growing audience. In addition to creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website, I also implemented a robust data management system and user sign-up workflow for iProbono.

This included developing a secure and streamlined user registration process that allowed users to easily sign up for the organisation’s newsletters, events, and other initiatives. The system was also designed to collect and store user data in a way that was compliant with data protection regulations.

As part of my work with Iprobono, I also designed microsites for their various initiatives and fellowships while maintaining a consistent level of design across all platforms. These microsites were created to highlight specific projects and programs that iProbono was undertaking, such as their fellowship program or their child rights initiatives.

To maintain consistency in design, I used the same branding elements and design language across all microsites, while also incorporating specific imagery and content relevant to each initiative. By doing so, I was able to create a seamless experience for users moving between the main website and the microsites. I also ensured that each microsite was optimised for search engines and designed to be easily shareable on social media platforms, thereby increasing their reach and visibility.

In 2023, I was once again approached by iProBono to redesign their website to reflect their latest initiatives and programs. I collaborated closely with the organisation to create a user-friendly and search engine optimised design that was also mobile-responsive and accessible to users with disabilities.

I also implemented a back-end system that allowed admins to easily manage and update website content, including news articles, project updates, and event information. This allowed iProbono to keep their website up-to-date with the latest information and ensured that users had access to the most current and accurate content.

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