Designing a Festival for designers

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DesignUp is a brand built by designers for designers. Over the last 5 years, DesignUp has kept its brand alive through a unique vibrant style of communication. Branding key touch points over the years has allow the festival to connect with its attendees in a memorable and engaging way.

Working on Multiple events in quick succession in various countries & cities required an identity that is easily adaptable to various formats. Creating a set of vendors who can turnaround deliverables quickly and maintain consistent quality levels was key.

DesignUp had a range of Apparel for sale along with each edition of the festival. These custom designed pieces were created by artists and designers within the community and made available to the public.

DesignUp always explored ways to keep attendees engaged during the conferences by having interactive polls, documentable schedules and even a year planner with pages to doodle and write down inspiration quotes.

With almost every seat taken, and tickets sold out well-before the event, DesignUp was a high-energy driven festival.

Driven by a small team coordinating with vendors and suppliers, this 3 day event was bound to leave a mark on those who attended.

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