With 16 years of experience, working for my own firm as well as Adobe, HFI & The Brand Union, I have established myself as a Leader with a strong background in interaction and interface design.

IxDEAS | Interaction Design Ideas (2014 – )

With over 9 years of experience, I have had the pleasure of helping startups, SMEs, and large corporations worldwide bring their ideas to life by transforming them into innovative digital products and services.

My expertise in the field of Interaction Design allows me to create engaging user experiences that cater to the unique needs of each of my clients. I take pride in my ability to turn complex concepts into intuitive solutions.

The IxDEAS Design Sprint

A Design Sprint is a structured process that involves bringing together all stakeholders to rapidly ideate, prototype, test and design a digital solution in just fifteen days. It is an inclusive and collaborative approach that enables teams to align their vision, generate innovative ideas, and validate them with real users in a short amount of time.

During the Sprint, we work together to understand the problem, identify potential solutions, and create a high-fidelity prototype that accurately represents your vision. We also conduct user testing to gather feedback and insights along the way that will help refine the prototype, ensuring that the final solution meets the needs of the target audience.

With my guidance, a team of talented designers work together seamlessly to ensure timely delivery of the final product. I understand the importance of communication with multiple stakeholders throughout the process.


As one of the co-founders of DesignUp, I am proud to have played a crucial role in the remarkable growth of the conference. From just 200 attendees in 2016, DesignUp has now become India’s largest conference for designers with over 2000 attendees in 2020.

As the co-founder, I was responsible for ensuring the financial success of the conference by maintaining profitability and a positive cash flow. At the same time, I prioritised the delivery of a superlative attendee experience through exceptional content and design. With a keen eye for detail, I worked tirelessly to create an environment that fostered creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

My efforts have been instrumental in making DesignUp a truly unique and engaging conference that continues to attract attendees and industry leaders from across the globe.

Previous Work Experience

Adobe (2011 – 2013)
Senior Interaction Designer

As part of the Design Team (XD) at Adobe, I collaborated on the Design System for companion mobile applications. In this role, I served as the Design Lead for several products, including Adobe Proto, an application to create digital prototypes using gestures, as well as Photoshop Elements, Adobe Story and Adobe Support Community

Media Monks (2020 – 2022)
Senior Interaction Designer

Throughout my stint with Media Monks, I have been involved in leading projects from conception to completion. This has involved working closely with clients to understand their needs, create project timelines, and manage resources to ensure timely delivery. I have also lead presentations to clients, effectively communicating project progress, discussing new ideas, and showcasing innovative solutions that align with their goals.

My experience with digital platforms has led me to develop creative and innovative ideas that have helped clients achieve their objectives. Working in a high-paced environment, I have been able to thrive on quick turnaround projects and manage my time effectively to meet tight deadlines.

Human Factors Intl. (2008 – 2009)
Associate Creative Director

After transitioning from a background in Branding/Visual Design, I acquired valuable expertise in the fields of UX – User Experience and Research. During this period, I contributed to the development of industry benchmarks for early feature phone applications, establishing standards for user interface design and functionality.

The Brand Union (2006-2008)
Associate Designer

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