Designing Luxury amidst wilderness

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Machaan offers guests unique experiences with a luxurious and comfortable environment. Machaan’s identity showcases a premium and tasteful setting portraying a connection with nature.

Machaan’s identity extends into a creative visual language that spreads across a range of branded collateral. It has a unique feel, that conveys it’s relationship with the forest in a direct yet subtle manner.

Machaan’s visual digital interfaces paints a clear and honest picture of the resort’s setting and facilities. Responsive and suitable for all screen sizes this web portal envisions to be more a platform for like-minded nature enthusiasts to connect and communicate.

Machaan’s identity was extended across a range of apparel and accessories allowing guests to utilise and collect memorabilia from their stays at the resorts.

Machaan ardently supports conservation of wildlife. The wildlife is rapidly getting depleted thanks to humans making inroads into wildlife habitats. Machaan believes that it should conserve what it has, and try to help enhance the conservation efforts locally.

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