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Vrutti is a centre for sustainable livelihoods enhancing people’s well-being through knowledge, innovation and transformative actions. We work through an ecosystem approach integrating and delivering services that empower small producers and marginalized grow their way out of poverty and uncertainty and to be 3 times more profitable.

Taking Vrutti Online

With a lot of on-field work, Vrutti has a lot to tell from insights to case studies. Vrutti’s new digital platform showcases it’s work, the learnings and documents the various stories of it’s end customer.

Vrutti defined itself through its ‘Core Impact Model’ and ‘Platform for Inclusive Entrepreneurship (PIE)’ – initiatives that helped categorise the efforts across demographics and social sectors. Vrutti’s core aim is to improve the income (3-10 times) and resilience of small producers; helping them to access all key services in their livelihood journey.

Vrutti’s core principle – 3 FOLD – Wealthy, Resilient and Responsible – visualised to ease communication and presented in concise manner that enables easy understanding for viewers.

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