Mito Health: Designing a Circadian Rhythm

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Optimised health+wellbeing is the secret to great performance. Mito uses biology and technology to help your people understand their mind and body better, every day.

The Design Sprint

IxDEAS (in collaboration with OPENIDEAS) and Mito worked together on a two-week dedicated design sprint exercise to bring an idea from concept to design. During this time, we engaged in brainstorming, ideation, analysis, and the creation of low-fidelity (LoFi) wireframes.

By having all stakeholders involved in the process, we were able to harness their collective energy and move at a fast pace, selecting the most promising options to build upon.

As we progressed through the design sprint, we narrowed down our options and focused on refining a single concept that showed the most promise.

We understood the importance of user feedback and incorporated it into our design process by testing our concept with actual users. This allowed us to gain valuable insights into how users interacted with the product and what aspects needed improvement.

We also collaborated closely with stakeholders to ensure that the design aligned with their vision and goals for the project. This involved exploring various options for navigation, colour schemes, and visual metaphors, among other design elements.

Through our iterative design process, we were able to refine and improve upon our initial concepts until we arrived at a design that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

In addition to user testing and stakeholder collaboration, we leveraged the latest design tools and techniques to create a polished and professional design. We utilised high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes to bring our design concepts to life and allow stakeholders to experience the product in a tangible way. By employing a holistic and collaborative approach to design, we were able to create a design that met the needs and expectations of all stakeholders and users.

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