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07 Uber Diagnostics - Interaction Design Ideas
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Uber Diagnostics/Cardiotrack
About: Uber Diagnostics is a disruptive healthcare diagnostics company that is making healthcare delivery more efficient. Cardiotrack being the company’s flagship product. The user connects any Android display to Cardiotrack Health Sensor via Bluetooth. Cardiotrack Micro-EMR App displays patient health parameters captured by health sensors. The mission of Uber Diagnostics is to decrease the cost of diagnosis delivery by order of magnitude through innovation in product design and enhancements in the healthcare workflow.
Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design
The Solution: Uber Diagnostics required broad mobile application support for patients and doctors. Giving both a range of functions in a simple and accessible way. The mobile UI provided an analysed, simplified and easy to understand data from the readings communicated to the customer.


This device and its companion app have been marketed and sold around the globe through its online presence – a website that explains the solution and allows for easy purchases.

Role: Lead Architect/Designer (Consultant) at Interaction Design Ideas (IxDEAS)