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About: Adobe RoboHelp is a help authoring application (HAT) developed and published for Windows. The 2015 release of this application provided a redesigned set of icons which had a fresh and contemporary feel to them. This improved usability, more recognisable and gave the interface a much-needed uplift.
Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design
The Solution:  Over 500 icons used in the application were re-drawn in a uniform and consistent style. The icons provided the user-interface with a new look & feel, less verbose and in line with other trending applications. The application provided the user with three different interfaces, which varied from dark to light backgrounds with multi and single colour icons
The Process: After studying the application, speaking to some regular users and the stakeholders, the icons were categorised into 2 varieties. Some being re-conceptualised for better recognisability and others that retain theirs. The former icons were sketched and tested for recognizability by expert and novice users of the product. Once the forms were finalised all icons were redrawn in the new style.
Role: Lead Architect/Designer (Consultant) at Interaction Design Ideas (IxDEAS)