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03 Adobe Proto - Interaction Design Ideas
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About: Adobe® Proto, an Adobe Touch App that allows you to create interactive wireframes, prototypes of websites and mobile apps on your tablet. Using simple gestures, Proto lets users add interactive elements such as Menus, Video, Images and Text on multiple pages.
Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design
The Solution: One of the first Applications by Adobe that caters to wireframing and prototyping. It allows for simple making of wireframes by using gestures. It provides a range of pre-built UI elements such as drop-downs, breadcrumbs and more, that allow a user to build complex wireframes quickly. Proto exports wireframes an Interactive HTML/CSS page, allowing developers to carry forward the prototypes into the next level.
Process: The defined target audience for the application included visual designers and developers and human factor specialists. By interviewing some users, understanding their issues and hearing their necessities, this product was situated as a prototyping tool. Created along with a range of Touch apps, designers across apps came together to test and create a unified design language for current and future apps.
Role: Senior Experience Designer (2011 – 2013), Adobe