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04 PMG - Interaction Design Ideas
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Performance Mentoring Group (PMG)
About: PMG (Performance Mentoring Group) is an Australia-based venture that helps athletes, coaches and others, better understand the way that they think on influencing how they feel, how they carry on and eventually how they perform.
Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design
The solution: PMG was given a brand identity that represents the process of its services – stepping out of the box. This identity (the form, colours and typography) was carried forward as a visual language and applied into a printed collateral and a responsive website.
The Process: The identity’s values, vision and mission were defined by understanding the business through a series of discussions with the founders. An initial set of concepts indicated different courses, from which the most favoured concept was conveyed forward. The logo was shown to customers from different demographics and age groups to test the understandability and recognition of the logo/brand and its concept.
Role: Lead Architect/Designer (Consultant) at Interaction Design Ideas (IxDEAS)