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01 Native Dialer Application - Interaction Design Ideas
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About: A native dialer developed for a Canadian IT giant that allows service providers to customize and integrate this application as part of a handset. The dialer integrating Voice-over-Wifi and Voice-over-LTE to create a seamless experience for the end user. Enabled with Rich Communication Services, users can seamlessly communicate with each other like an OTT Application, while SMS integrates limited chat features with other non-app users.
Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design
Solution:  This service collates Voice/Video Calling, SMS, Chat and OTT Services into a single application. By permitting the user to connect to the network operator over Wifi, the cost is brought down particularly during roaming.


This application has been particularly effective in emerging markets in which a single OTT Application, did not have the lion’s share of the market. The application helped a network operator to retain its customer

The Process: The application was produced in stages for a period of 10-months. A South-East Asian market was used to implement and test the first release. The application was provided free of cost to users in return for their feedback. Tracking mechanisms were set up within the application to pick up bits of knowledge into usage analytics. Throughout the following few releases, new features were included and the UI was improved.
Role: Lead Architect/Designer (Consultant) at Interaction Design Ideas (IxDEAS)