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02 Bird Finder - Interaction Design Ideas
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About: Aimed at amateur Bird watching enthusiasts, students and others interested in nature, the app allows identification of birds by their calls. It additionally permits searching by physical characteristics, for example, measure and colour, and can be narrowed down further using the user’s location.
Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design
The Solution: Remote Locations – with limited network connectivity and dim-lit quiet environments were taken into consideration. The database was embedded as part of the app allowing for accurate results offline. The colour palette mirrors the environment, creating a lower brightness and attracting lesser attention. The birds spotted by the different users is accumulated by the application that shows the patterns of movement.
The Process:  A master collection of bird calls was used to create a master. The calls were converted into a digital value – which can be searched upon. The sound recognition software extracted the sounds within the frequencies available in the database, doing away with background and ambient noises. The birds were tagged in the database via sound, location and physical characteristics taking into account for different search methods.
Role: Lead Architect/Designer (Consultant) at Interaction Design Ideas (IxDEAS)