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06 Bangalore International Airport - Interaction Design Ideas
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About: In 2008, the city of Bangalore received a bigger, modern and more efficient airport. It was given a new identity, brand language and visual style that reflects the city and its culture. The airport grew at an extraordinary rate to become India’s third largest concerning passengers catered to.
Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design
The Solution: The Logo, created as part of a team at Ray & Keshavan | The Brand Union – is symbolic of a flower that is found in abundance and unique to the city of Bangalore. The abstract converging lines represent the formation of a Hub – which now is the biggest in southern India.
A series of infographics and visualisations were hosted internally in the administrative buildings, to communicate the brands’ mission, vision and values to employees and stakeholders internally.
Role: Associate Designer at Ray and Keshavan | The Brand Union (2006 – 2008); Independent Design Consultant (2007 – 2008); Associate Creative Director, Human Factors International (2008 – 2009)