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About - Interaction Design Ideas
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What I do


Mind maps, Workflow diagrams and a lot of Sticky notes help bring together shared information environments, set the application context, create hierarchies, label and define multiple user roles/access levels.

Wireframes &
Interaction Design

A strong foundation is vital to build a great experience. Wireframes allow quick explorations and iterations to create interactions and layouts while facilitating usability and efficiency. Crisp and clear wireframes provides a sizable advantage in creating efficient database designs and algorithms.

Visual Design &

Colour, texture, typography, iconography, space and negative space, alongside other visual design elements, are the building blocks of a great product. Visual design engages users and helps create a memorable experience without compromising on functionality.
Whom I’ve worked with

Technology Firms
& Businesses

I have worked with global leaders in Aviation, E-commerce, Healthcare, IT Services and Telecommunications. I conceptualise and design multi-platform responsive applications, and improve the usability and design of existing digital products. I have taken on user-testing, collaboration with internal technical and marketing teams, and outlining the vision/scope from all stakeholders.


I have consulted for a number of Startups in India, Europe and North America to provide customer facing interfaces. By giving importance to usability and design, I strive to create engaging results that are intuitive and involve minimum learning. My responsibilities have included selecting an appropriate technology platform and designing an equally easy-to-use CMS (Content-Management-System) to monitor and manage the application.

Idea Prototypes

Individuals with an innovative idea partner with me to create quick and realistic prototypes. We test this prototype with users, giving us a greater understanding for the idea, positive data to move forward and valuable feedback. We also conduct market research and data analytics to prove validate an Idea. We work together to create an engaging ‘pitch-deck’  using video, infographics and a working prototype. 
Select Clients & Previous Employers